Gigi Keeps Turning Heads

Gigi Singh Jewelry

Back in 2007 on a kitchen table I had the crazy idea that I wanted to make my own wedding favors for my wedding that was a couple of months away. Well, the wedding favors never made it to life but an idea to make jewelry bloomed. I've had a career in retail which put this new found hobby to bed for several years. Bummer!

I've since then quit the crazy retail world and focused on being a stay at home mom and started back up with my GiGi jewelry.

Every day is a day filled with giggles, messy kisses and lots of hugs. I am truly blessed to have the opportunity to get to pursue my business while being a mom.

My jewelry is fun, colorfully vibrant, dimensional with an organic feel. You’ll see a lot of flower patterns throughout the website simply because I love flowers with most of my pieces being lead and nickel free.

I try and get out there and do lots of art festivals which lets me meet new GiGi customers and reconnect with my regulars! This has been so much fun and all the gals that I've meet have been super cool, hip, fun with beautiful souls.

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