Interested in Applying to CRAFTED Christmas?

The decision was made to introduce a CRAFTED Christmas this year. This is not the final name for the event, we’re working on that. Here are the details as far as we have planned:

  • Date: Sunday December 1st. Time will likely be 10 AM - 4 PM

  • Location:

    • We are going to rent large tent(s) with side walls to house the craft market.

    • We are working with the rental company to see where best to place the tent. We would like to use the space between the two buildings which house the restaurants with the stairs that lead to the upper parking lot. We are also entertaining closing down the road directly in front of the restaurants and putting up a tent.

    • At this point, I think it is safe to say the crafters will receive an 8 foot wide x 6 foot deep space; table rental optional. Again, I need to finalize details with the rental company and they cannot meet with me until next week.

  • The day will consist of:

    • Craft market from 10 AM - 4 PM

    • Music throughout the day

    • Children’s activities in the afternoon

    • Santa arrives in the afternoon

    • Tree is lit at 5 PM the the show is over by 5 PM.

  • Eagleview has hosted a tree lighting event annually for many years. It is well attended.

Apply Early

  • Cost of 10'x10' space is $100.

    • Non-refundable and non-transferrable.

    • CRAFTED is a rain, shine, snow event. We cannot control the weather. In the event extreme weather is forecast, the event may need to be cancelled. All payments are final. No refunds. All registration fees collected are used to develop and produce the event, including all pre-event marketing, security, supplies, entertainment, staffing, and administration. We pledge to make every effort to produce a safe and entertaining event for all.

  • Shared spaces are allowed with approval:

    • No more than 2 artists/craftspersons per space.

    • Each potential artist craftsperson must apply separately and be accepted.

  • Questions / photos: please email.

Application for CRAFTED Christmas-2019

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If you do not have a website showing examples of your work, please forward 3 representative photographs of your work, as well as a photo of your set-up at events, to
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Shared Space?
Are you applying for a shared space with another crafter / artist? If so, both artists must submit individual applications and both must be accepted to the event independently. A standard 10' x 10' space can be shared by 2 persons.
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