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Patty Baumeister: Clay Art for the Soul

I am a third grade teacher at Montgomery School in Chester Springs, PA. Working with clay became a passion when my youngest child left for college. I now have a home studio where my inspirations become reality.

My Clay Art is sold at art shows throughout Chester County.  Clay Art for the Soul is for those who enjoy surrounding themselves with objets d'art. Most of my work is raku fired. Pears, letters, numbers, and game pieces are designed in a way to make them unique and very special.  You can see more of my work on my Etsy shop...clayartforthesoul.

I find my inspiration from being a teacher. I try to make my curriculum as creative as my art...learning is an art form, different to every pair of eyes. If I have an idea and I can't sleep, then I know it's good. 

I have an amazing pottery teacher. She often helps me extract ideas from my head and create them in clay. She is the teacher that has influenced me most in my life...I hope that a few of my students will one day feel that way about me.

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