Rachel Welsh – From RAW Materials

I love to create and am at my most creative when I’m problem-solving. When someone is in need of an item I’m figuring out what I can do. My process is fluid – what’s on my mind right now, what inspires me right now, what does someone else need what now. From a wine glass to a shirt, from a pillow to a doormat, everything can be beautiful and fun.

My creative spirit has deep roots. My maternal grandmother was a seamstress and my maternal grandfather was a woodworker – and I love both and everything in between. From designing on the computer to styling my booth, the creative process is both fun and exhausting.

My favorite question is “What if …” usually followed by some crazy idea that we may or may not, be able to execute. “What if …” is a great question. What if we support each other? What if we support small shops too? What if we buy handmade? What if we relax and take in what’s around us?

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