Pure Scents

Margaret Mace: Pure Scents Candle Company

Pure Scents Candle Company is a family owned and operated business, located in West Chester ,Pennsylvania. We have worked hard to earn our reputation for exceptional quality candles and outstanding customer service. Each candle is hand poured, many to order. Our customers support us based on personal experience and word of mouth.

Our all natural soy candles are made with American grown soy vegetable wax, lead free, all cotton wicks and are drenched in pure fragrance oils...it's what sets us apart from the rest.
Every candle is hand poured to ensure you of the highest quality. We add the maximum amount of phthalate free fragrance oil and mix it throughout the candle, so the fragrance lasts as long as the candle.  

Take a peek inside the candle studio to see the process:

And, visit Margaret's website!

Fashion & Fun

Lynn Fleming: Fredricka Fashions

The art of needle and thread in making beautiful garments. Meet Lynn, making handmade fashion for little girls and their faithful dollies. 

Take a look see at Lynn's Facebook.

Glass Half Full

Steve ONeill: SteveOGlass

Young, focused, creative, clearly hungry glassblower. Striving for perfection. Steve will be creating pieces during the day at the East Falls Mobile  Glassblowing Studio.

Row & Oaks

Row and Oaks was started from my strong passion to create unique and different pieces to cater to my individual style. 

I started my small jewelry shop two years ago with a vision to one day pass it down to my daughter, Rowan. She is the inspiration behind my shop, not to mention named after her. She is a creative little 4 year old girl who follows in my footsteps with her creative mind and entrepreneurial spirit. Each piece is unique and 100% handcrafted by me. 

To see more of my work, please visit my Etsy Shop.


Rachel Welsh – From RAW Materials

I love to create and am at my most creative when I’m problem-solving. When someone is in need of an item I’m figuring out what I can do. My process is fluid – what’s on my mind right now, what inspires me right now, what does someone else need what now. From a wine glass to a shirt, from a pillow to a doormat, everything can be beautiful and fun.

My creative spirit has deep roots. My maternal grandmother was a seamstress and my maternal grandfather was a woodworker – and I love both and everything in between. From designing on the computer to styling my booth, the creative process is both fun and exhausting.

My favorite question is “What if …” usually followed by some crazy idea that we may or may not, be able to execute. “What if …” is a great question. What if we support each other? What if we support small shops too? What if we buy handmade? What if we relax and take in what’s around us?

Take a peek at my Facebook page to see more of my creations!

Gracie & Me

Hello! My name is Stephanie Gallo and I am the owner of Gracie and Me Handmade. I specialize in making hand sewn accessories for babies and girls. 

Back in 2013, I began making headbands for my niece, who was in infant at the the time. I didn't see anything that appealed to me in stores, so I made some of my own. I decided to post some for sale on local yard sale sites, and it was a hit. In 2015, I took a leap of faith and opened my Etsy shop. Since then the business has taken off. I absolutely love having the ability to be creative, and seeing my creations come to life both in person and through customer photos. 

I love participating in local festivals and meeting new customers! 

Gone Fishing

Mark Bair: M D Bair Studio

Mark Bair is a woodcarver and multimedia artist living in Audubon NJ. While always having a love of art and fine craft, it wasn’t until 2000 that he found his passion combining traditional woodcarving with other mediums. His inspiration is found in both nature and traditions of the past, with an eye towards whimsy.

The work all starts with an idea and a rough sketch. First, using traditional carving chisels, each piece is hand-crafted one at a time. Next, drawing on his experience as a watercolor artist, each work is painted using acrylic washes to build up layers of color. Finally, a proprietary finish is applied to give his work a rich and aged look. The art is often paired or incorporated with vintage items or architectural salvage. Fish receive copper for their fins, which is heated and hammered using the techniques of a metal smith.

Mark’s work can be found in various museums and galleries around the country. He is a regular teacher at the Tuckerton Seaport in Tuckerton NJ and works with the youth carvers. When not working in the studio, Mark enjoys traveling around the country, showing his work at fine art and craft shows. Mark is available for commissions and teaching through his contact form.

Check out his website to see his creativity!

Beadweaver's - better late than never

Welcome to Beadweaver's! Kelly was our last applicant, but we loved her work so much we had to make a place in the show for her!

From Kelly: I offer a wide range of distinctive jewelry handcrafted with the finest beads from around the world. An avid beader for more than 20 years, I like to blend color and texture with vintage inspiration and attention to detail, to get a contemporary look that is casual, elegant, and fun. 

My jewelry is made from the highest quality materials, like vintage & antique components, precious metals, semi-precious stones, freshwater pearls, Swarovski crystal, and glass beads. 

And, yes, I love beading, but I'm also a rabid knitter as well. I'll share my special pieces of jewelry and stitch markers designed with the knitter in mind.

Learn more about me at my website or visit my Etsy shop.

Burning Branch

Rachael Calderin: Burning Branch Studio


Learn more about Rachael's non-profit efforts of Burning Branch Studio

The Secret Garden House

Cara Graver: The Cob Studio

Cara is more than just a potter. She creates and teaches in her potted Cob Studio, fashioned from clay, sand and straw.

In a word, she is whimsy, embracing nature, the forest floor, and the woodland creatures as expressed in her functional art. An imagination ignited by everything around her.

Visit Cara's website to learn more about the artist and her Cob Studio.

Sew, A Needle Pulling Thread

Sara Creasy: Sew and Sew Fine Quilts

I grew up in Central Pennsylvania, attending the yearly county and state fairs and seeing the beautiful, traditional hand-made quilts from the local Amish community. I have been interested in the rich heritage and skill developed in those hand-stitched quilts. Sewing has been a generational craft in my family with my mother, grandmothers, and great grandmothers working in sewing factories as they raised their families.  

As I sew, I can imagine these women as they sat before their sewing machines. Seeing the way the fabrics and colors flow together, creating their own story, I began to see my place in sewing.  

My passions lie in the color narrative that is created when curating palettes based on nature, emotions, and dreams and pairing with found fabrics. 

Visit Sarah's Website

Patty's Watching Her P's & Q's

Patty Baumeister: Clay Art for the Soul

I am a third grade teacher at Montgomery School in Chester Springs, PA. Working with clay became a passion when my youngest child left for college. I now have a home studio where my inspirations become reality.

My Clay Art is sold at art shows throughout Chester County.  Clay Art for the Soul is for those who enjoy surrounding themselves with objets d'art. Most of my work is raku fired. Pears, letters, numbers, and game pieces are designed in a way to make them unique and very special.  You can see more of my work on my Etsy shop...clayartforthesoul.

I find my inspiration from being a teacher. I try to make my curriculum as creative as my art...learning is an art form, different to every pair of eyes. If I have an idea and I can't sleep, then I know it's good. 

I have an amazing pottery teacher. She often helps me extract ideas from my head and create them in clay. She is the teacher that has influenced me most in my life...I hope that a few of my students will one day feel that way about me.

Visit Clay Art for the Soul