Tied Up & Honoring Tradition

Kathleen Fitzpatrick: Tie-Up Textiles

Tie-Up Textiles was established in 2015 in the belief that the modern consumer more than ever deserves quality craftsmanship and detailing within the home setting. Our mission is to bring back the the age of the trades that has been stripped away by the modern day conveyor belt production methods. The Tie-Up Textiles name means that you are purchasing a product that has been touched by our teams own hands, no part is ever outsourced. Our wovens are designed and fabricated in house, as well as our block prints, dye pieces, and digital prints.

We week the company of individuals passionate to fill their space with the timeless beauty of textiles in both traditional and modern techniques. Tie-Up's inspiration is illuminated by the concept of new vs old and the art of combining the two. Our love story for the home is an interpretation of southwestern textures and colour, industrial and architectural history, and simple, modest living. 

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