Jewelry Juxtaposition: Andrea Bretz

Andrea Bretz: Metal Worx Jewelry Designz

Jewelry from Metal Worx Jewelry Designz is dedicated to vintage inspired, upcycled, and handstamped jewelry.

My jewelry is constructed from aluminum, bronze, copper, pewter, and sterling silver. Metal Worx Jewelry is born out of passion for designing distinctive keepsakes and creating personalized jewelry that tells the story of the past, present, and future. I use proportion and balance when creating my pieces of jewelry so that each piece is balanced in regards to color and size and that it is visually appealing to the eye. As a result, Metal Worx Jewelry has an eclectic style and feel to it.

What sets my jewelry apart from my competitors is how I create a juxtaposition between jewelry materials and how I combine unique and interesting components to create the final product. 

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