Chainsaw + Wood = Sculpture

Sean Arthurs: Pine Baron Chainsaw Carving 

My name is Sean Arthurs. I've always had an interest in art, I have a fine art degree from West Chester University.

I started carving with a chainsaw in 2012 and found it to be very fun and challenging. It opened up a new world for me as far as being able to create 3D sculptures in a fairly short amount of time. I really enjoy making works of art out of logs or scrap wood that otherwise would be firewood or mulch. 

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Celeste Kelly - No sense crying over broken glass!

Celeste Kelly Mosaics

This glass mosaic artist loves to break things up and rearrange them into her own traffic stopping creations.

While visiting a friend in Barcelona, Spain in 2003, the artist unexpectedly viewed the work of Antonio Gaudi and was singularly inspired by his art and architecture.  She blends this newly found inspiration with her love of green space and woodlands.  Crafting mosaic birdbaths, benches and garden sculptures that are made to enchant and inspire the garden, patio, or deck. They can also adorn the inside of the home. .  

Her sculptures are made from stained glass, tile, mirror, bottles and found objects. She makes all her own ceramic faces and tiles and grinds each piece of stained glass. Her sculptures can withstand both the heat of summer and the cold of winter.  

See more of Celeste's work at her website.