The Secret Garden House

Cara Graver: The Cob Studio

Cara is more than just a potter. She creates and teaches in her potted Cob Studio, fashioned from clay, sand and straw.

In a word, she is whimsy, embracing nature, the forest floor, and the woodland creatures as expressed in her functional art. An imagination ignited by everything around her.

Visit Cara's website to learn more about the artist and her Cob Studio.

Patty's Watching Her P's & Q's

Patty Baumeister: Clay Art for the Soul

I am a third grade teacher at Montgomery School in Chester Springs, PA. Working with clay became a passion when my youngest child left for college. I now have a home studio where my inspirations become reality.

My Clay Art is sold at art shows throughout Chester County.  Clay Art for the Soul is for those who enjoy surrounding themselves with objets d'art. Most of my work is raku fired. Pears, letters, numbers, and game pieces are designed in a way to make them unique and very special.  You can see more of my work on my Etsy shop...clayartforthesoul.

I find my inspiration from being a teacher. I try to make my curriculum as creative as my art...learning is an art form, different to every pair of eyes. If I have an idea and I can't sleep, then I know it's good. 

I have an amazing pottery teacher. She often helps me extract ideas from my head and create them in clay. She is the teacher that has influenced me most in my life...I hope that a few of my students will one day feel that way about me.

Visit Clay Art for the Soul

What if I do this?

Laurie Canfield: Sunshine Sunflower Ceramics

Laurie Canfield, of Sunshine Sunflower Ceramics, is a proud mom, artist, art educator, and museum lover. She has dreamed of being an artist since she was a little girl, and began studying ceramics while earning her Bachelor's Degree in Visual Art from Eckerd College, St. Petersburg. She began teaching art and earned her Master's Degree in Art Education in 2011 from the University of Florida.

Like her flock of inspiration suggests, she persisted in her dream!

In 2016, she made it her goal to get back to creating her own artwork. Her artistic process is to ask herself, “What if I do this?”, and then she does it to see what happens. She enjoys experimenting and pushing the medium of ceramics by altering wheel thrown pieces and adding elements such as glass, wire, sticks, reeds, geodes, and anything else that looks interesting.

A look at Laurie in the studio:

And her work in process:

She currently teaches children's classes at Wayne Art Center and Chester County Art Association. She lives in West Chester, Pennsylvania with her husband and children, and their two naughty dachshunds. 

It's always sunny at Laurie's website - wear your sun specs!