Form and Function Expressed Using Technology

Sean Tapscott: Print A Pot

Combining technology, function, and our love for plants, Print A Pot is a small mom-and-pop business designing and creating decorative and fun pots. Our pots can be used in a variety of indoor settings by themselves or with plants to add beauty to any space in your home or office. We are also currently designing outdoor pots for patios, gardens, and small trees. 

We strive to be as environmentally conscious as possible. Most of our packaging materials are recyclable and/or reusable, and we reuse shipping boxes when possible. All of our printing materials are made from a bio-derived PLA that is 100% biodegradable. We also source our electricity from renewable sources (wind-powered and hydroelectric). 

As creators, we can customize or create something completely unique. If you would like to commission a 3D printed product, please contact us through our social media, or visit with us at CRAFTED.