Keeping You in Stitches

Virginia Kerslake: Side Stitch by Ginny

A career opportunity for my husband and a sense of adventure brought our family from Ontario to Pennsylvania in 2004. While it was strange to leave my work managing an analytical service laboratory, it was exciting to wonder where the road might take me. First it lead us to our new home , built in 1797, and busy years raising two sons and all the hockey and lacrosse that goes along with it. And eventually it lead to a sewing machine, surprising me as much as anyone! I bought the machine to sew a pretty apron for a niece who was getting married. In looking online for fabric ( on Etsy!) I was amazed at all the gorgeous fabrics out there, particularly designer quilting cottons. I ended up buying fabrics for several aprons simply because I couldn't decide! 

With my new found love of fabrics (and a sewing machine) I began creating. Aprons lead to hairbands, yoga mat bags, custom made skirts, table runners, bags, baskets, baby blankets, lavender sachets, pillows, upholstery....... I discovered that I love mixing fabrics to create a unique and pleasing look. And I love creating things that others enjoy and find useful, beautiful and fun. And so Side Stitch by Ginny was born. 

I am grateful for where the road has lead. It's a joy to have something of my own and to be doing something I love. I hope you enjoy these Side Stitch things as much as I love making them!

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Sew, A Needle Pulling Thread

Sara Creasy: Sew and Sew Fine Quilts

I grew up in Central Pennsylvania, attending the yearly county and state fairs and seeing the beautiful, traditional hand-made quilts from the local Amish community. I have been interested in the rich heritage and skill developed in those hand-stitched quilts. Sewing has been a generational craft in my family with my mother, grandmothers, and great grandmothers working in sewing factories as they raised their families.  

As I sew, I can imagine these women as they sat before their sewing machines. Seeing the way the fabrics and colors flow together, creating their own story, I began to see my place in sewing.  

My passions lie in the color narrative that is created when curating palettes based on nature, emotions, and dreams and pairing with found fabrics. 

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Tied Up & Honoring Tradition

Kathleen Fitzpatrick: Tie-Up Textiles

Tie-Up Textiles was established in 2015 in the belief that the modern consumer more than ever deserves quality craftsmanship and detailing within the home setting. Our mission is to bring back the the age of the trades that has been stripped away by the modern day conveyor belt production methods. The Tie-Up Textiles name means that you are purchasing a product that has been touched by our teams own hands, no part is ever outsourced. Our wovens are designed and fabricated in house, as well as our block prints, dye pieces, and digital prints.

We week the company of individuals passionate to fill their space with the timeless beauty of textiles in both traditional and modern techniques. Tie-Up's inspiration is illuminated by the concept of new vs old and the art of combining the two. Our love story for the home is an interpretation of southwestern textures and colour, industrial and architectural history, and simple, modest living. 

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Grace Marks: Weaving to her heart's content

Grace Marks: The Hand of Grace

As a weaver, I believe that the textiles we use everyday should be as beautiful as they are useful. I combine color and pattern with texture to create artistic pieces durable enough to use everyday. Each item is unique, while some may be similar in color and pattern. I always insert a slight variation that keeps my interest while weaving a project and also offers you a one-of-a-kind piece.

I studied Fiber Arts at Kutztown University, graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Crafts. My studies gave me a firm foundation in technique and a background in creativity, design,and history.

Married to my wonderful husband Timothy, I work in my home studio while raising my two young sons, Caleb and Matthew. Family comes first, and I am privileged to be home to raise my children. The few quiet moments I have during this busy season are spent in my studio where I weave to my heart’s content and let the creative juices flow!

Elaine Brooks - Weaving in Tradition

Elaine Brooks: Brooks Family Threads

Elaine Brooks is a weaver in the Southern Chester County Pennsylvania area.  She hand looms home goods like table runners, pillows, wine bottle bags as well as personal items: small purses, totes and iPad covers.   Her style traditional rag weaving with a unique twist using upholstery fabrics and remnants.  The result is striking patterns, textures and colors that provide a unique look to an age old craft.  


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Facebook page:    Brooks Family Threads @facebook