Obsessed with Lampwork

Sharon Carlucci: Carlucci Glassworks

Sharon has had a love of things handmade since childhood.  Her grandmother, Sarah, with infinite patience, taught her how to knit and embroider. Later, having worked for a needlecraft company for 8 years, Sharon began making quilts.  Interested in other forms of art, she turned her direction toward a smaller scale of art and glass beads have become her obsession.  Sharon has been making lampworked glass beads since 1996, having studied with a number of renowned beadmakers.  A juried member of the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen, Sharon has served as Vice President of Standards and Chair of the Show Selection Committee.  

Sharon's beads are created using an oxygen and gas torch and colored glass rods from Italy.  The glass is heated and "wound" around a steel rod, then carefully shaped and decorated using additional glass.  Finally, the beads are placed into a kiln to anneal - a process of slowly cooling to "temper" the glass.  The wirewrapping of her lampworked glass beads comes naturally, not only to enhance the beads, but also to create a line of exciting and innovative jewelry.