Visiting with Deanna Haldeman at The Clay Studio

A friend talked me into taking a Ceramics class with her in High School.  After spending the first hour of class pinching, rolling, and poking a ball of clay I had a very small bowl.  I fell in love with pottery and have been playing in the mud ever since.  

All Deramics Clay Studio pottery starts on the wheel.  Decoration takes place at every stage of the process. It starts with what clay to use. Dark, light, speckled, colored clay or porcelain or a mixture for a marbled effect. Continues thru the forming process.  Textures are added or throwing lines are left in place to give the glaze a place to play.  Other areas are left smooth to not disrupt the flow of the glaze.  Some pieces are carved, pierced or stamped.  Colored slip or red iron oxide applied before bisque firing.  After bisque firing, wax or red iron oxide may be applied before or during glazing.  The pots are usually dipped in the glazes but glaze may be brushed, poured, drizzled, squirted, and splattered.

When I think the pieces are ready they are fired a second time to over 2200 F to allow heat and gravity to finish the pots.

Decades after High School and College I still love playing in the mud and look forward to spending all my spare time in the studio.