Meet Sarah from Atwater Designs

Through the non-silver/alternative photographic process known as the cyanotype, I create lensless photographs called photograms by placing the object over the light-sensitive emulsion. After composing the image, I expose it to the sun. What results is the silhouette of the plant in white against a rich Prussian blue background.

My upbringing on Maryland’s Eastern Shore has informed much of my work to date. The natural world: water and wetlands have been the focus of my life and are at the very roots of my being. I am fascinated by the way the natural world informs our everyday, the mysteries that plants provide if we take the time to look closely, the abstract qualities of wetlands and the water’s edge and the peace that only the natural world can afford. Without the “spaces in-between” much of life would not exist, as we know it. The transitional space has always held my attention and stands as a metaphor in my life on many levels. My latest works have been a study of plants that surround us here in southeastern PA. I love tromping through the mud and muck in order to get the best specimen and consider it just as much a part of my creative process as the creation of each piece.  

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