Welcome to CRAFTED 2019, Emaye Design and You!

We’re so excited for 2019 CRAFTED! As you can tell from the homepage gallery, we have an incredible collection of artists and crafters for you this year.

We wanted to kick off our 2019 blog by introducing you to a newcomer, Emaye Design, taking a fresh look at jewelry design. Their application made our heads turn with the textural mix of laser cut wood and thread.

A Note from Emaye Design

As Architectural Designers we are constantly using our creativity and technical skills to detail buildings. A lot of our inspiration and expertise carries into our jewelry design and company, Emaye Design. We design, make and sell wood laser cut earrings and necklaces. We use a laser cutter to cut each piece out of maple wood, then hand assemble with chain or cotton thread. For our threaded pieces, we offer a few colors: Sky Blue, Dusty Rose, Dark Walnut, and Sage Green. 

Through our jewelry we aim to empower women. We hope our customers feel both confident and beautiful while wearing our designs. In addition, 10% of each sale we donate to a local women's shelter, Laurel House.

Enjoy a Sneak Peek!

Source: https://www.emayedesign.com/