Deanna Haldeman at the Potters Wheel

Deanna Haldeman: Deramics Clay Studio

Deanna Haldeman was introduced to making pottery in high school in the mid 80s. The first day of class, after fighting with the clay for an hour or so, she had created a small pinch pot. She was hooked. Deanna continued taking classes throughout High School and College finally receiving her BA with an emphasis in ceramics from the University of Wyoming in 1991.

After starting up Deramics Clay Studio and working out of her living room for a few years Deanna started taking classes and working as a kiln tech at the Community Arts Center in Wallingford. In 2007 she became a juried member in The Potters Guild and has been creating functional pottery there ever since.

Most of Deanna's pottery starts on the potters wheel. After throwing (forming) the piece, it is either altered in some way or left to dry until it is ready to be stamped, drilled or trimmed. The piece is then left to dry slowly until is it bone dry and ready to bisque fire. After firing the pots to 1888 degrees Fahrenheit and allowing them to slowly cool they are ready to glaze. Deanna mixes lead free glazes which she applies by dipping, pouring, dribbling, and squirting. Her color combinations include her popular midnight daisy design, her newest melon colored glaze, and some beautiful blues and greens. The pots are then fired again this time to 2232 degrees making them water tight as well as microwave and dishwasher safe.

Deanna's work is inspired and influenced by traditional pottery forms, nature and her customer's comments and needs. Although she does not take custom orders, a request may influence future work. So if you mention something to her that you have been looking for, don't be surprised to find it at a future Deramics Clay Studio event.

Deanna's current functional work includes bowls, plates, mugs, French butter dishes, one piece chip & dips, serving bowls, and luminaries. All of these pieces look great on the holiday table and transition well to everyday use.

Take a peek at Deanna's beautiful website.