Meet Marie of Marie Murphy Designs

Marie took time to respond to the CRAFTED questions - just a few curiosities so you could learn more about our artists!

1. My favorite greeting card from my collection would be the love birds card. I like the simplistic bird image with the pattern background. Overall, I feel it is a cute card.

2. A good deal of my cards are typographically inspired. I absolutely love typography and am always critiquing it whether it be on packaging, a billboard, store signage, or on a website.

3. I went back to school as a non traditional student for graphic design. For my senior project I decided to launch a greeting card company. I loved it so much that following graduation I decided to pursue that path. I have had a borderline obsession with stationery for over fifteen years.

4. My favorite part of my artistic process is working with typography. I love trying to find the right font for each card and making sure that each letter and each word are evenly spaced and line up just right.

5. When I grow up I want to buy out Hallmark.

6. I graduated from West Chester University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor's degree in graphic design in May of 2015.

7. If I were magically given three extra hours a day I would work on designing more hand drawn cards.

8. If I were not pursuing a career in stationery I would be a painter, primarily one who works with oils.