Mason J.A.R Apparel Reveled

Do you have one piece that you are most proud of, and why?

I don't have a one piece that I am proud of. Each one has great significance to me.

Where do you find inspiration for your work?

Most of the imagery comes for the stories me and my two sons share through books or imaginary story telling.

What started you on this artistic endeavor?

I wanted to get back to the art world after having my son Mason. It seemed fitting to combine my love of block printing and children's clothing.

What is your favorite part of your artistic process?

Carving the blocks definitely! Its my own form of meditation.

When I grow up I want to …

continue to push myself as an artist.

Where did you learn your craft / art?

My father taught me how to carve linoleum blocks at a very young age.

If you were magically given 3 more hours each day - what would you do with them?

Design, print and play with my two boys. 

If I were not a printmaker I would love to explore collage.

Jessica's artist statement:

Artist Jessica Ann Russell is the creative force behind Mason J.A.R. Apparel. Hand block printed in Bethlehem PA. Mason J.A.R. Apparel creates unique artwork on comfortable organic kid's clothes. It's imagery and color palette are influenced by natures own playful images and cultures across the four corners of the Earth. In 2011 Jessica started Mason J.A.R. Apparel.  Her own home based business. A dream inspired by her son Mason and her love for fashion and art. When not chasing her two boys she is working on developing new designs in her studio. 

She learned block printing when she was just a child, from her father and fellow artist. Over the years she has worked for a variety of print studios, before and after college. Jessica attended both the Pennsylvania College of Art and Design and the School of Visual Arts where she majored in textile design and children's book illustration. After working for years doing visual merchandising she returned to what she loved, printmaking. Mason J.A.R. Apparel is dedicated to providing a product that inspires and exposes our littlest of humans to art responsibly.