Get to Know Andy Smith, Watercolorist

Welcome to our interview with Andy Smith, watercolorist. We've asked Andy a series of questions so you could get to know more about him, and his artistic process.

Do you have one piece that you are most proud of, and why?
Not really, I try to challenge myself with every painting.  I will often take time to study something like water or sky and then do some small study paintings and then a larger work to master the subject.

Where do you find inspiration for your work?
Everywhere!  My wife and I travel and are always “looking” for subjects. I do a lot of historical sightseeing and love the 1800”s time period.  But I really key in on how light effects subjects.  We make it a point to “look around”.  There are more subjects than I could ever paint.

What started you on this artistic endeavor?
I could always draw and always wanted to paint. When I married, my wife helped make that a reality.

What is your favorite part of your artistic process?
First the excitement of starting something new.  I can “see” that blank white paper turning into a painting.  And then that last 30 minutes in a painting when all your work just comes together!

When I grow up I want to …

I am already doing what I want, except maybe be a professional bicycle rider!  I missed that opportunity!

Where did you learn your craft / art?  

I am self-taught. Started in my 20’s with lots of practice, read some art books, went to see paintings, and lots of dedicated practice. I developed a good work ethic and I paint every day.

If you were magically given 3 more hours each day - what would you do with them?
Oh, I would go out for a longer bicycle ride and then spend some of the time with my wife!

If you were not a watercolorist, what art / craft would you explore?
Honestly, I cannot imagine anything but painting watercolor, it is simply part of me.

Thanks so much Andy!