Interested in Applying to CRAFTED?

Apply Early

  • Please complete the application below if you are interested in participating in CRAFTED 2018.
  • We would like to broaden our regional footprint and encourage makers from the mid-Atlantic to apply to Crafted 2018.
  • If you do not have a website showing photos of your work, you will need to email three (3) photos representative of your work as well as a photo of your show display. 
  • Cost of 10'x10' space is $100.
  • Shared spaces are allowed with approval:
    • No mare than 2 artists/craftspersons per space.
    • Each potential artist craftsperson must apply separately and be accepted.
  • Questions / photos: please email.

Application for CRAFTED-2018

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If you do not have a website showing examples of your work, please forward 3 representative photographs of your work, as well as a photo of your set-up at events, to
Please specify your art / craft focus:
Shared Space?
Are you applying for a shared space with another crafter / artist? If so, both artists must submit individual applications and both must be accepted to the event independently. A standard 10' x 10' space can be shared by 2 persons.
Who would you like to share your space with?